“Martin is not only one of the most talented engineer I was lucky enough to work with, Martin understands product and pro-actively suggests ideas for growth and engagement.”

Frédéric della Faille, founder and designer at Checkthis/Frontback

I am a computer science PhD turned into web/mobile developer by the love of code. What I love about programming is solving people problems while creating things out of thin air.

I have an extensive experience bringing software products from concepts to production, as well on the backend or as an iOS or Android developer. I also know my way around Javascript frontend quite well.

I am currently a freelance project lead working for Bluesquare.

You can contact me at: madewulf@multitasked.net

I am active on lots of web communities, most importantly:

If you are looking for information about the research that I did during my PhD, your best bet is probably Google Scholar but you can also find some information on my old university homepage


I have done lots of different development projects since I started working in private companies in 2008. Here are some of them:

  1. Trypelim, my current job: a platform made of an Android app and a Django/Python/React web dashboard, used in DRC to track and manage the progress in the elimination of Sleeping Sickness
  2. Lexicolor a fast paced word game for two players on the same iOS device.
  3. Instaply for iOS: the iOS client of Instaply, an app for customer service through text messaging. I also have been responsible their SDK, data warehouse, and open API at some point.
  4. Matchador a silly little matching game for iPhone. Nevertheless one of the Mobile Games of the Year according to Le Soir.
  5. Fotolia Instant : a mobile app that allows you to put your smartphone pictures for sale on Fotolia stock photography market. I worked both on the iOS and Android version.
  6. Frontback : the deceptively simple photo sharing app for iPhone, to show you and what you see. Downloaded millions of times already.
  7. Checkthis for iPhone : a beautifully simple iPhone app for publishing/mobile blogging, with lots of social features.
  8. zofa.biz : a simple shift scheduling system for physicians working in hospitals.
  9. populationpyramid.net : an interactive visualization of the population pyramids of all the countries of the world, based on open data released by the UN.
  10. migrationsmap.net : an interactive visualization of communities of migrants in the whole world.
  11. g1000.org : the website of a democratic innovations event that took place in Belgium
  12. Viking Talk: the iOS VOIP application that I have been working on for the first half of 2012
  13. ShowYouLikeIt: a startup project that failed, but that you can still glimpse at here