UX of the Checkthis App in a Few Vines

Tue 03 September 2013

As you might know if you are reading this, I have been working on the iPhone app of Checkthis for a year, from May 2012 to May 2013. We put a lot of sweat in this application, and Fred who is the CEO and designer of Checkthis, did a series of Vine videos to showcase the numerous features of the app. I thought it would be interesting, at least for me, to gather all these videos in one place. I intend to write a full post about this app soon, especially about the technical side: the interesting problems that we solved, in text manipulation for example, the architecture we chose and the performances challenges, but in the mean time, here are the vines, with a few comments.

The Feed

Lots of love went into making this feed fluid and not too memory hungry. Notice also the animation when opening the comments. I lost some hair on that one.

The tags

The Explore Feed


Share by email

Actually one of my favourite feature. It allowed me numerous time to send nice posts to people not having access to any iOS device. Nice suggestion by Pierre Valade.

The Editor

I am proud of the work done in the editor. The hardest part was getting the fonts identical in the editor and in the newsfeed, because we actually use two different rendering engines (UITextView and Core Text).

Font and Color Picking

Finding good fonts that are licensable for a mobile app was a great challenge for Fred. In the end, we went with font from YouWorkForThem

Import from Instagram

One of the most used feature in the editor. Works for videos too.

Sharing to Instagram

We did a nice work here of creating a nicely composited summary of your post, including up to 4 of its images, and the title in an iconic circle, with the title in the custom font picked for the post.

Feed - About me

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