Surprisingly, there is a new photo lab that has been open in Brussels: Mori Film Lab and they even have a dark room that you can access.

I discovered the lab thanks to Yannick who is sending his films from France, where he lives now, to receive scans by Dropbox. This made me feel like unshelving my beloved Minolta Dynax 5.

I never found the same pleasure in digital photography that I had with this camera with a 50mm, 1.7 lens. So, I was curious to see if I could find this pleasure back. And the answer is a resounding yes. I was blown away by the picture quality that is coming out of this now very cheap camera. These blurry backgrounds are magnificent. You can find a sample here, a picture of Nathan, one of my Taekwondo teachers from the school of Master Kim. Nathan is now using it as a profile picture 🎉

So, back to a film camera for now. It totally feels like the follow up of the return of vinyl disc, except that I really care about this.