The older I get, the clearer it seems that building for the long run is my path to happiness.

What does that includes?

  • taking care of my health. Sport is good.
  • investing in my couple. Maintaining relationships requires somme conscient effort too.
  • teaching the kids. Seeing them become good people is a great joy.
  • learning skills that do not deprecate. Professionnally, that means algorithms and db skills, for example. Personnally, it’s learning guitar, diy, cooking and so on, instead of maxing out my video games skills, for example, even though I never thought that my super Mario skills would still impress some people 30 years on.
  • continuously improving products that have already proven their usefulness. In my case, it’s and even though they might not seem like the fanciest things around. And I have good hopes for Iaso the product that we are building at work, also because it is going to be open sourced, which, I think, should largely increase the chances for it to still exist in ten years.