On social networks, especially Twitter, negativity is the most common mode. Mockery, bashing, critics, indignation. And I get it, the times are inducing this.

But I like to counterbalance negativity by just sending positive comments when I feel them. Just a few words to thank authors for sharing insightful information, or some marks of admiration.

I also do this very actively in various threads (on Twitter, in blog comments, on Reddit, Hacker News, Youtube and such …) where hateful comments are dominating and I do not agree (it happens a lot for example, on articles about immigration or biking in my local newspapers…). I do not want to leave the space to hate only. I want readers passing by and being discouraged to be able to find some comfort in knowing that not everybody is actually hating on this video, article or tweet.

This does not always come very naturally to me, we are usually more inclined to react when invaded by negativity, but I have often found that expressing a positive view of something reveals, through additional comments, that there exists a bunch of readers that were just waiting on a positive opinion so that they can just approve. It can completely change the vibe of a conversation, and that is a good reason to do it.

But I also do it because I do like to receive positive feedback and so, I can only imagine that sending some heartfelt one can only brighten someone else’s day.

P.S. : Maybe file this article under #platitudes?