Superprof, une site aux pratiques malhonnêtes.

En Belgique, est bien établi comme un moyen de trouver des professeurs particuliers pour vos enfants (pour des cours de musique, ou de langue, par exemple).

Le problème est que leur processus de paiement est franchement malhonnête.

En effet, quand on souhaite contacter un professeur, il nous est demandé de payer 29€ via l’écran montré ci-dessous, ce qui est déjà une somme relativement élevée mais soit, cela peut valoir le coup. Le problème est qu’il n’est pas mentioné que ce paiement sera récurrent jusqu’à annulation par l’utilisateur. Le seul indice est que l’on achète un “Pass 1 mois”, mais cela n’implique pas forcément que l’on souscrive à un abonnement.

Capture d’écran de Superprof


Pour peu que vous ayez choisi Paypal comme moyen de paiement par la suite, il n’est pas extrêment clair non plus dans leur interface qu’il s’agit d’un blanc-seing pour tout futur paiement, mais là, au moins ,c’est mentionné, même si ça l’est dans de petits textes qui sont clairement destinés à être ignorés par la plupart des utilisateurs.

Capture d’écran de Paypal


IT Life

School Mistrust

School parent online groups that I have seen can be filled with a lot of aggressivity towards teachers. I find it sad, and makes a point of asking questions like: “Did you talk with the teacher?” It is often not the case.

What I find sad is the tone of defiance often seen there. Lots of parents are distrustful of the school they put their kids in, while I doubt that you can choose education as a career out of anything but good intentions. It can not be for the money, that is for sure in Belgium.

Sure there exists bad teachers, but my opinion is that there also exist a lot of badly managed relationships from parents to teachers. That pushes me to try to be as encourageing as possible to teachers, so that they do not hear only about the complaints.

Finally, as a more general point, I also noted that if you voice a positive opinion in an online group, you usually open the door to other people who were not daring to go against the bad mood. There is often a silent satisfied group, and showing that it exists is important.

Google Speed Test

Ookla’s has been the go-to tool to test your network speed for years. They make money by showing you ads next to your speed test.

Google just completely copied their (admittedly simple) product, and put their tool on top of the the search results when you search for speedtest , which makes it appear just above Ookla.

I can not get over the feeling that this is wrong. Google being both a search engine and a tool/content provider leads to this kind of situation where they can cripple existing businesses, and prevent newcomers to compete.

Video game music = work music

Video game music is the best music to work for me. It’s usually just made to accompany the action, which is exactly what I need. Indie games also have the best electro tunes.

So, favorite soundtracks:

  • Celeste
  • Katana Zero
  • Dead Cells
  • Hotline Miami
  • Sword and Sorcery
  • Nuclear Throne
  • Furi
  • Journey
  • Risk of Rain
  • Duet (That one)

All these games are pretty cool to play too :-) Here is a sample playlist:…

My New Ride: an Ahooga Modular Electric Bike

Took some time to arrive, but I definitely love it, especially because I can carry any of my kids (including my 12 years old daughters) on the back rack. This avoids a lot of use of our car, for example for trips to the various activities: swimming pool, circus lesson, Taekwondo, …

see it here

Swedish fjord

Maluku - DRC

I as there for a mission for Bluesquare in the context of the project about Sleeping Sickness that we are doing. More information in this Guardian article

The Frozen Crow’s Lake

Near La Bresse, Les Voges, France. Love that place.