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Sun 24 February 2013

I just switched from a Django based blog engine, Django Mingus, to Pelican a static blog generator. I have been a fan of the static blog generator concept since I discovered it (through Octopress if I remember correctly) and I was sick of editing my blog posts in textareas in a browser. I would rather use a good text editor, or even better, a Markdown editor like Mou .

Mingus has been an interesting experiment and a good learning experience for me, but I do not feel the need for a full blown database for hosting a bunch of mostly static texts and images. Pelican seems nice, is written in technologies that I know well, which will allow me to tweak it if needed, and is still actively developed, on top of which I met Alexis Metaireau, its creator, at Djangocong, which is always a nice touch. Thanks Alexis for the nice software.

As for the design, I will try to avoid to think about it as much as possible. I think the content of a blog is way more important than its look, so I picked a very very bare approach. I will probably improve it as I go along.

Hopefully, this will incite me to write a bit more. My previous real blog post is from the end of 2011 and it contained the promise of more information about what I have been up to. Since them, so much happened that I think I will need to make at least three articles to summarize all of it.

Aside of that, I would like to start writing about iOS development, which has been my focus for the last 18 months. I think that I have done enough now to be able to bring something to the conversation.

So, here we are, I am trying to reboot my blog, and I hope that enjoying the technology used to host it will encourage me to write more.

New articles soon… probably.

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