Thu 07 January 2010

Hi ! My name is Martin De Wulf.

I multitask mainly between the following personnalities :

I am using the pretext of Project 52 to launch a personal blog which main subjects will be:

  • me and what I think (obviously)
  • programming (using GWT, Django, Jquery, Spring, and many more)
  • my hobby project : a website allowing people working in shifts to specify their day preferences, publish plannings (on the site and via email) and exchange shifts.
  • maybe a bit of photography and parenthood tips too.

As I would like to address as many people as possible, I will write in English. It is not my mother tongue and please excuse me for my many mistakes. All corrections are welcome. I hope that writing more in English will make me improve, since writing hundreds of pages for my thesis was not enough.

To summarize, people who could be interested by this blog are either nerds or geeks, and maybe, parents of twins.

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